The Blackberry Curve 8500 & 9300 Have Just Gone Ballistic


If you read our review of the Ballistic HC case for the iPhone 4, you know what kind of uber protection and security this hard core (that’s what the “HC” stands for) case offers. Well Blackberry Curve owners, you can officially be less careful…the Ballistic HC has arrived for both the 8500 and 9300. Sporting the same quality construction and 4 layer protection as its iPhone counterpart, the Ballistic HC was meant to look abuse in the face and laugh; Blackberry owners will also be pleased to see that the sleep magnet has also found its way into the design. The Ballistic HC for the Curve comes in black and gray can be found at an AT&T store near you for $49.99–you can also order online at and for the same price. More info awaits after the break…

One Response to "The Blackberry Curve 8500 & 9300 Have Just Gone Ballistic"
  1. The only issue I had was that It’s bulky. Its very narrow dock port prevented me from using many of my cables. Fortunately I bought a dock extender boost from for my Ballistic Hardcore Case to extend it. Now I don’t have issues with the small space not working with a connector. I love the built in screen protector, protection, outer flexible layer, and the finger ridges on the sides.