Our Road to CES 2011: Volume IV – Motorola


With CES 2011 only a couple weeks away, we continue our feature Our Road to CES. Along with our many scheduled meetings at CES to preview up and coming new technology, we’ll still have a little bit of time left over to kill our legs on the show floor–just so we can dig deep, and find tech not everyone in the world is talking about; but hat’s not what Volume IV will touch upon…

Motorola has been putting out some pretty cool Android devices over the past year; as good as the original Droid was, the Droid X was that much better. For those that wanted something a bit more rugged from Motorola, that still sported Android OS, Motorola listened and brought you the Defy (which you read about right here on our site). Then, of course, there’s the new Droid Pro, that looks to have, well…everything.

In case you thought Motorola was going to take a break heading in to this year’s CES, think again; thanks Moto…we’re officially intrigued.