Joby Lets Your iPad Stand Up and Be Noticed with the Ori and Yogi


Just when we think Joby has already shown us the coolest gadgets we could imagine, they surprise us with something new; their latest? The GorillaMobile Ori and Yogi. These new iPad stands both give users and excellent way to elevate their iPad and view their media–and they each go about their tasks in different ways. The Ori (short for Origami) uses the same metallic material that Aviiq uses for their award winning Laptop Stand. Its sleek, lightweight design not only allows for multiple viewing angles, it also folds around your iPad and functions as a case when not being used as a stand. The Yogi uses Joby’s more traditional flexible-leg design; this allows you to attach your iPad to surfaces that would normally not accommodate the device–and also has an infinite number of possible positions as well as the choice between landscape and portrait viewing. As soon as we get some hands-on time with the Ori and Yogi, we’ll bring you a detailed report–for now, there’s a full press release after the break…

JOBY adds to mobile accessory line and unveils two cases that elevate iPad functionality to new heights

Revolutionary, hands-free iPad positioning and protection devices open up a world of feature-rich content with high-tech materials and ergonomic design.

GorillaMobile Ori for iPad and GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad will be released at Unveiled at CES

Come visit JOBY at CES in the iLounge Booth #4613 (North Hall)
San Francisco, CA –  January 4, 2011  – Joby, Inc., the world-renowned designer of the best-selling GorillaPod™ line of innovative camera tripods, launches today two new products that dramatically enhance the iPad experience.  For the road warrior, the GorillaMobile Ori amplifies the productivity of the iPad with ergonomic design and sleek protection on-the-go. The GorillaMobile Yogi is designed for the user who sees the iPad as an extension of themselves and wants to cuddle up with the iPad on the couch or in bed.

“JOBY excels at uncovering powerful consumer insights and designing products that change the way you interact with mobile devices.” says CEO Forrest Baringer-Jones. “We set out to develop a case + stand solution that would enhance the daily iPad experience, so users could get more out of their device. In the course of our research, we realized that iPad users approach the product very differently depending on how the iPad integrates into their lifestyle – resulting in two very different but equally compelling products.”

Unlike anything else on the market, the GorillaMobile Ori transforms from a sleek protective case to a versatile, ergonomic positioning stand to unlock the true potential of the iPad. Drawing its inspiration from the folding art of origami, the GorillaMobile Ori is engineered from a superlight German-made aluminum/polypropylene composite used in high-performance cars. The four main viewing modes are optimized for the task at hand, so you can position the stand to watch a movie on the plane, flip through a business presentation or type an email at a café – with the ability to adjust the display height and viewing angle to be comfortable for you. The Ori delivers rigid stability in a sculptural, lightweight form and provides streamlined protection, so you can easily slip it into your bag when in folio mode.

Inspired by the desire to read and view videos without putting a kink in your neck , the flexible GorillaMobile Yogi easily wraps around and clings to any surface with its oversized ball and socket legs. The limber and sturdy legs of the GorillaMobile Yogi twist and bend to stabilize the iPad on uneven surfaces or wrap around fixtures in the kitchen to become the perfect companion for your grand cooking plans. With an adjustable viewing angle in portrait or landscape orientation, GorillaMobile Yogi lets you get comfortable easily – even on the laziest of Sundays.  The polycarbonate case with rubber bumper protects your iPad from shocks and falls. Plus, the quick-release clip easily detaches the modular legs, allowing the case and legs to be quickly stowed in your bag together or separately

Whether you are the productivity fueled professional on-the-go, or the person who just wants to cozy up on the weekend with your favorite digital magazine, the GorillaMobile Ori and Yogi will inspire your creativity and enhance your iPad experience.

The GorillaMobile Ori and the GorillaMobile Yogi complete the new releases to the to the GorillaMobile line that includes the recently launched and widely acclaimed GorillaMobile for iPhone 4.