Samsung Rocks the Cradle and the Baby Monitor Industry


Samsung BabyView allows you to sing a lullaby from around the world.

Say goodbye to your antiquated baby monitor that transmits fuzzy sounds of your bundle of joy to a receiver with the same sound quality as a child’s walkie talkie. Samsung is introducing BabyView, which promises parents an added degree of security thanks to its high-res screen, temperature sensor and alarm settings.

What really sets BabyView apart from the competition is its ability to monitor multiple rooms at once, similar to a video surveillance system and then record the video onto an SD card. The advantages of recording little Johnny as he sleeps are obvious; parents can finally solve the mystery of how the blue elephant always ends up under the crib. Perhaps the most appealing aspect is that the images captured on the SD card can then be uploaded to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. We could be in store for a new generation of funny baby videos on the web because, as most parents know, babies tend to be most active (and often most entertaining) right when they wake up in the morning!

The BabyView EZVIEW features a 2.4” screen, temperature sensor and alarm.

The BabyView RemoteVIEW features USB connectivity allowing for remote viewing on Skype and MSN so parents can sing a lullaby to their baby from around the world and also has a 2.4” screen, temperature sensor and alarm.

The BabyView SmartVIEW comes with a larger 3.5” screen, digital zoom, and AV outputs for connection to your TV.

The BabyView SecureVIEW combines the 3.5” screen, digital zoom, television connectivity with the features of the RemoteVIEW.

And finally, the BabyView BrilliantVIEW pulls out all the stops and includes the 3.5” monitor, digital zoom, TV outputs, USB connectivity, temperature sensor, alarm, remote lullaby and charging cradle.

Prices will range from $199 to $299 when the full BabyView line of products goes on sale in the spring of 2011.