Catch Some Rays & a Movie with Active-I


Ever dream of being a spy? I used to watch James Bond movies and marvel at the gadgets Q would invent and wonder what kind of technology would exist in the future for international men (and women) of mystery. While 007 never laid his hands or his eyes on the Active-I Sunglasses, there’s little doubt he could put them to good use.

Interactive Group has managed to squeeze a video and audio recording and playing device into a set of polarized sunglasses; and unlike some rudimentary wearable monitors we’ve seen in years gone by, these things actually look pretty cool.

The Active-I has a pinhole camera built into the bridge above the nose, making it virtually invisible while providing the wearer with a wide viewing range–the Active-I also has a monocular viewing screen which flips down over the left eye. The device can playback video or images captured on any PC or MAC through a USB connection; for even greater flexibility, the Active-I sunglasses utilize a microSD memory card for storing and recording information, so the memory is as vast as your collection of microSD cards.

I’m already imagining 007 keeping tabs on his nemesis remotely, or perhaps reviewing top secret blueprints with a pair of Active-I glasses in the next Bond flick. But for you and me, these sunglasses make a trip to the beach a lot more fun–after all, who wouldn’t want to catch some rays and the latest Bond flick at the same time?