Hot New iAccessories from 4i Concepts


Alright, so you’ve got your shiny new iPhone 4 and can’t wait to show it to the world and make use of Verizon’s new 4G network…but how do you keep it safe? New York’s 4i Concepts introduced three new products at CES that not only protect your favourite new toy but that make it easier to use as well.

There’s nothing new about an overlay film to protect your smartphone’s screen from scratches; but the 4iThumbs takes the idea one step further by placing a series of ridges on the film, giving users a more tactile typing experience on their virtual QWERTY keypads. And if the ridges on the 4iThumbs aren’t always ideal for your device usage, don’t worry–the film can be removed and stored on the back of your iPhone when not in use.

iPad users fear not, you haven’t been forgotten by the product developers at 4i Concepts. The 4iStrap is an elastic band designed to hold and carry your iPad in various positions making it easier to transport and use. Of particular interest for parents, the 4iStrap has been designed to hang off your car’s headrest so you can use your iPad as a movie screen for kids in the back seat!

And what will no doubt become a fashion trend in the next few months, the 4iTorq allows you to wear your iPod Nano on your wrist just like a watch. There are other products in this space, (given the Nano’s ability to display various clock settings, it only made sense that watchbands would be developed) but none are quite as stylish. The 4iTorq ranges from $49.95 for colored aluminum, to $95.95 for stainless steel; you can also opt for the titanium model for $250.