Bulletproof? Not Quite, But the Ballistic HC Has Your Verizon iPhone Covered


Ballistic (bəˈlɪstɪk) – adj: strong enough to resist damage by projectile weapons.

It’s an appropriate name for a company that designs cases to protect your valuable electronics; the latest of which will wrap your iPhone 4 in a protective shell designed to help it “survive life.”

Just like the AT&T version before it, the Ballistic HC surrounds your shiny new Verizon iPhone with an outer gel-like skin which is interchangeable, so you can color coordinate your case with your outfit; inside there is a screen protector and special seals to prevent dust and debris from scratching the shiny bits. The case also offers shock absorption and boasts a total of five separate layers of protection.

The HC is not inexpensive at $49.99 but then neither is your new iPhone; so investing in a solid case makes sense if you want to make sure that your phone lasts as long as your service contract.

Check out www.goballisticcase.com for ordering info; full press release after the jump…

The Verizon version of the Ballistic HC case is currently available at various retailers nationwide as well aswww.goballisticcase.com for $49.99.

About Ballistic
The Ballistic® brand was realized 6 years ago when the owner was getting out of his car and his phone fell, cracking the screen.  He believed there had to be a way to offer consumers a high level of protection in a case that still looked good.

The Ballistic engineers designed private label holsters and belt clips that simply would not break. During this time, the company made millions of OEM branded holsters and belt clips.

As smart phones became more popular, the need for drop protection became necessary.  Ballistic engineers examined their competitor’s products and knew they could do better. The resulting product is the Ballistic HC (Hard Core). This case provides the most advanced degree of drop protection currently in the market.

We think everyone will drop their phone.  We say, “Just Drop It!”–as long as you are using a Ballistic case.  Ballistic cases are Designed to Survive Life!™