Our Newest Feature: YourTechReport Updates


You may have noticed something new on the site yesterday, nestled right under our “What We’re Excited About” column; and appropriately enough, it’s also something we’re extremely excited about–our brand new YourTechReport Updates. While many tech sites (including our own) have weekly podcasts to keep their listeners informed, the truth is, the tech world evolves on a daily basis–so waiting a week to get your technology news means you’re already 6 days behind. So what did we do? We created YourTechReport Updates: The first daily audio tech update in the industry. Not only will YourTechReport Updates keep our readers and listeners informed more frequently, this daily audio feature is also a great way to quickly get all of the latest tech news on your daily commute; simply hit the green “play” arrow, and you’re up to date–it also works on any mobile device. In addition to our site, you’ll be hearing YourTechReport Updates on Sirius/XM as well as terrestrial radio; our goal is to keep everyone as informed in a way that’s fast and easy. Let us know what you think!