Mac OS X Lion with 250 New Features Available in July for $29.99


Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage moments ago in San Francisco to kick of WWDC in style. The keynote began with the introduction of Mac OS X Lion and highlighted only 10 of the 250 new features in the new OS. The OS adds features like new multi-touch gestures alongside full screen apps (including iPhoto, Safari, iMovie) plus the all new Mission Control which was announced a couple months back. This brings together the features of Spaces and Expose in a launchpad application launcher that gives you access to everything you’re doing in one place. A new “Resume” and “Autosave” feature automatically stores different versions of your documents ideal for crashes or just pickingup where you left off. Sharing work on a document? No problem, AirDrop allows you to drag and drop files to your peers on the same WiFi network and instantly be notified when received. Finally a new version of Mail was unveiled that includes enhanced search functions, conversation view and other tools that simplify the process of just getting your mail!

In addition to these 10 features others include over 3,000 new API’s for developers, Windows Migration assistance, built-in FaceTime, plus Lion Server Add-On which is just a purchase from the Mac App Store. Lion will be available as a 4GB download from the Mac App Store, no reboots and can be used on all authorized Macs. The price? $29.99 available in July.