Android, Symbian and bada Users Will Soon Take Flight with Parrot’s AR.Drone


We’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for the AR.Drone; not only is it one of the coolest flying gadgets you’ll ever see, but it was one of the first products we ever covered–and it just keeps getting better. Parrot has just announced that Android, Symbian and bada users will now be able to enjoy the amazing quadricopter that was previously for iOS only. (The new app allowing you to fly the Drone will be on the Android Marketplace this July) Check out the official press release after the jump…

Parrot AR.Drone: Piloting now possible with AndroidTM, bada or Symbian

Los Angeles, E3 Expo, June 7, 2011 – Parrot, a leader in wireless peripherals for mobile phones, brings the experience of piloting the AR.Drone to users of Smartphones using the AndroidTM operating system (OS).

In addition, Playsoft Games, for Samsung, and Nokia have developed piloting applications dedicated to the respective bada and Symbian OSes by using the Parrot AR.Drone software development kit (SDK).

‘AR.FreeFlight’ for AndroidTM

In July 2011, AndroidTM Smartphone users and fans of the Parrot AR.Drone will find a free version of AR.FreeFlight’s piloting application developed by Parrot on the Android Market.

Once the application has been downloaded and connected via Wi-Fi with the AR.Drone, the screen of AndroidTM Smartphone turns into a true piloting station.

‘Free Flight’ for bada & ‘AR.Drone’ for Symbian: Apps for piloting the AR.Drone developed with the Parrot SDK

Playsoft Games, for Samsung, and Nokia used the Software Development Kit of the Parrot AR.Drone (available for free on to develop “Free Flight” (bada) and “AR.Drone” (Symbian) piloting apps.

With the AR.Drone SDK, developers will have the opportunity to use their imagination and create new applications for the quadricopter for iOS, AndroidTM, bada or Symbian platforms.

AR.FreeFlight for iOS Apple: developed by Parrot, available for free on App StoreSM SDK available on

AR.FreeFlight for AndroidTM: developed by Parrot, available for free in July 2011 in the Android Market. SDK available on

Free Flight for bada: developed by Playsoft Games, available for free on Samsung Apps online shop. • AR.Drone for Symbian: developed by Nokia, available for free on the OVI Store

SDK Nokia Symbian available on




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  1. Another cool toy… loved the ardrone, but with the switch to droid had to put it aside… now I’ve got something new to add… NICE!