Booq Hits Another Home Run with the Boa Flow


After reading my piece on the Mamba Catch, you may get the idea that we’re pretty big fans of what Booq has been doing with their laptop and gadget bags; to put it simply, if you’re looking for the best combination of quality, design and price, no other bag manufacturer even comes close. But as I mentioned in that earlier article, when it comes to a gear or laptop bag, how one feels about it is incredibly subjective–what works for me, may not necessarily work for you. So after reading your emails asking us to share a bigger bag, we went right back to the fine folks at Booq and asked them if they had something that could accommodate a larger laptop, as well as more gear–and guess what? They had one. And guess what? It’s brilliant. Read on, and find out what makes the Booq Boa Flow the full-size gadget bag you’ll never take a trip without…

Just so I don’t make my Mamba Catch jealous, I have to say that it’s still my bag of choice for going about my day; but I have to admit–considering the amount of gear I have with me on a daily basis, things can sometimes get tight…and this is where having a larger backpack-style bag comes in handy. The Boa Flow, though not enormous (we tested the medium version which measures 18x14x9″), can carry an enormous amount of gear; but as with all Booq products, it’s how it stores your gear that truly impresses. Versatility is the name of the game here, and the Boa Flow can go about its job in a variety of ways. Looking to carry a 17″ Macbook Pro or 16″ PC? No problem; if you need even more space, the Flow XL will accommodate a PC up to 17″ for the same price.

What about room for gadgets other than your laptop? This is where the Boa Flow really shines. Having spent a decent amount of time reviewing Booq products, I’m now convinced that you can’t work for the company unless you’ve logged at least 200,00 air miles–that’s the kind of attention to detail you’re getting when you buy a Booq product. Once you get past the laptop compartment (which is completely separated from all of the other compartments), you’re presented with a “main area” in the middle of the bag; this compartment not only has a large, open space for some bulkier items, but also internal pockets and zippered areas that seem to be the perfect size for whatever you need to place in them.

On the front of the Flow, you’ll find a another zippered compartment on the top front of the bag that at first, seems cute and small. But don’t let the pen holders fool you; the deep pocket that lies within is a great place to store those gadgets that you need to be accessible; I had no problem keeping my point-and-shoot in here with my portable hard drive. On the sides of the bag you’ll also find matching, long pockets with an added bonus: a neoprene bottom. This means that the pockets can stretch, making them the perfect place for that bottle of water that you can’t be without. And now, the feature that for many of you, will seal the deal…

If you look at the Boa Flow, there’s one more pocket on the bottom front of the bag that I haven’t mentioned…and it’s something that I’ve never seen before. The Boa Flow has a dedicated compartment for your digital SLR. Thank you, Booq. The one downside to having a big-boy camera is how difficult it is to carry with you (comfortably) on a day-to-day basis; in fact, I think most people tend to use their less-powerful digital point-and-shoots to capture their special moments, just because carrying their SLR is such a pain. No more. Now, you no longer have to choose between gadget bag and camera bag–or even worse, leave your DSLR at home. The Boa Flow lets you have it all…with you. The dedicated compartment is not only roomy (it should accommodate most standard size DSLRs, even with a mid-range zoom lens attached), but also very well padded, giving you peace of mind in addition to convenience.

As far as the build of the bag, the biggest compliment I can pay it is…it’s a Booq; beautiful design, top-notch(water repellant) ballistic nylon, plush interior surfaces, reinforced everything, and of course, Terralinq–register your bag online, and your unique ID means no personal info has to be tagged on your bag in order for it to find its way home. The downside to this bag? I’ll let you know when I find one. For $199, the Boa Flow is the bag that can hold everything, and take you anywhere; if only everything in life was so free of compromise…

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  1. While not the coolest of tech, the truth is everyone needs stuff like this – so thanks for your take. Need to check this out for my self.