Apple Brings Streaming Purchased TV Shows to Apple TV


Apple quietly pushed an Apple TV upgrade to the masses, granting some interesting new features–the most significant of which is access to previously purchased TV shows. Instead of the renting-only model, you can now access all of those shows you’ve purchased through iTunes in the past. So, my initial question was: “When will be see this on the iPhone?” Well, opening the new “Purchased” section of the iTunes app on your iDevice now displays previously purchased TV shows. As much as we love the next-gen Apple TV, the one thing we missed from the previous model was the ability to purchase content directly on the device; and even though you’re still not able to purchase on the new Apple TV, this is a giant step in the right direction.

Note: Apple does still point out that users are responsible for backing up their own content, noting that all previously-purchased content may not be available for re-download at all times.