Android App of the Week – Zombieville USA


It’s always a bit surprising to me, in this day and age of Android outselling iOS, that there are still third party apps which remain exclusive to Apple.

That makes it even a bit more of a victory when a game that’s been on iOS for over a year FINALLY makes the jump to the “good” side.

I present to you, one of my favorite iOS games.

Zombieville USA


This is quite possibly the most adorable game about bashing zombie skulls ever created.

Action is very simple. You have a side scrolling character running down a linear path in a suburban neighborhood. He’s armed with a melee weapon and a ranged weapon, and he walks down the street clearing out as many zombies as he can.

Controls are super simple. Left and right, close combat and ranged combat. Done.

Along the way, your character can loot houses for more ammo and cash.

At the completion of each level you have the opportunity to buy new weapons, upgrade weapons, buy ammo, and get a first aid kit.

Each level gets harder, and action continues until you die. Straight up arcade style action!

Thankfully, all of the major updates from the iOS version have been ported over too, so you have the ability to pick different characters with different abilities and weaknesses, and there are bonus levels that provide vehicles to add to the zombie carnage.

All around, a very easy app to recommend for some simple, fun zombie gore!

Zombieville USA on the Android App Market