HP Touchpad Apps of the Week!



So I NORMALLY write up a weekly column about Android apps that I like, but let’s be honest: I haven’t touched a new Android app in the week that I’ve been playing with my new Touchpad.

Instead, I’ve spent almost all of my time playing with what webOS has to offer, and while pickings are slim (SUPER slim), there’s still some great stuff to check out. This will be a run down of my top picks for new Touchpad owners.

Let’s shuffle the deck, and check out some cards!


First up, the Touchpad has the most elegant interface

for multi-tasking ever created, but Glimpse helps kick it into over drive! Glimpse gives you dockable widgets and sliding panels to move through as much info in one card as your little heart desires.

News Apps

Surprisingly there a few really good ones. I find myself toggling between USA Today and The LA Times for general news, but I LOVE the layout and features in the NPR app. Also, for you social news junkies, Red It is a fantastic homegrown open source reddit app.


The Touchpad’s stock media player is kind of lame, very little support for video files, so you’ll want to pick up Kalemsoft Media Player for all of those (legal of course) DVD rips you have.

To get yourself some book learnin’, check out the lectures on the TED app, and the courses at The Khan Academy.

The Touchpad also doesnt have a rear camera to take pictures with, only a front camera for video chat, but the application Camera will at least let you take still shots with it…

Lastly, it’s no sketchpad, but Just Draw will help you explore some of that artistic creativity you keep bottled up all day…


This is what you’ve been waiting for isn’t it…

For fans of Zuma, check out Sparkle HD and Atlantis Sky Patrol. Both offer unique twists on the “shoot a colored ball at other colored balls” game play.

Robotek HD is a fantastic turn based combat game, with incredible art design, and a fun slot machine-like element of chance. Fight evil robots who are trying to conquer the world!

Lastly, I’ve been having a lot of fun with Big Boss, a side scroller where you play the evil boss trying to beat all of those goodie-goodie hero types.

The rest…

Epicurious is a must have if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen (like I do).

AccuWeather has a very simple and modern layout, perfect for giving you details for the day and a full forecast for the week.

Typewriter gives you the ability to create markdown documents, and syncs up with a DropBox account  for easy cloud backup.

Box is a client for Box.net, and signing in through your Touchpad will upgrade an account to 50GB of online storage for free!

Easy Stopwatch and Timer has already proven to be useful in my recording sessions as a backup time piece.

And lastly, Spaz HD is still in BETA, but aside from a few bugs, is probably the best Twitter client you can get for the Touchpad, especially if you manage multiple Twitter accounts like I do.

And there you have it. My list of the apps to check out on the HP Touchpad. That should keep you busy for a while, and hopefully we’ll see a little more developer action.

Considering the population of Touchpad owners has grown by almost a half million over the last week, developing for WebOS may have just gotten a bit more lucrative…