This Week in Tech (Week of September 5th)


It’s the weekend–so what better time to sit back and catch up on everything you missed this past week in tech. Here’s a rundown of what you may have missed while juggling your work, kids, play, and whatever else it is that keeps you occupied. Read on for news from Adobe, Apple, products from LG, Ballistic, G-Form, Sony, Nintendo, Griffin, Samsung and the iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup – plus more….

Software Uprising: Adobe Flash Media Server brings Flash streaming to iOS
The battle of Flash on iOS is not a quiet one, with Steve Jobs openly complaining and pointing fingers at Adobe because of their “buggy” and resource-hogging software. Well, Adobe has changed the game up quite a bit by offering publishers to host streaming video content which can then be delivered to the iPhone and iPad.

Beta Alert: Apple Ups the Ante to Beta 7 of iOS 5, and iTunes Match is Back
Apple continues to release beta versions of iOS and iCloud–we’re up to Beta 8 as of my typing of this piece. On top of keeping the betas coming, Apple has also opened up the door to even more developers to check out the iTunes Match feature. I had the opportunity to use iTunes Match for a while and trust me–it’s a game changer. Upload all of your music from your computer to the cloud and instantly, your entire library is available on all of your devices and/or computers that use the same Apple ID. I can’t wait to delete the 50GB of music from my hard drive.


Interestingly Cool Tech News
Delta’s friendly skies are getting more connected with the launch of WiFi Service on their regional jets. The inaugural flights will offer clients a free 30-days of GoGo access.

Remember the Parrot AR.Drone? It’s finally gotten its Android app, opening up remote control to any Android powered device – if you haven’t already, do try it out.

LG announced the PenTouch TVs, bringing back the stylus. Not sure how a mounted Tv will play well with grandma at 5’…

New Products to Look Out For
Nintendo is releasing a Metallic Rose edition of their DSi XL no doubt to try and cater to the female side of its audience. This joins the already available Bronze, Midnight Blue and Burgundy colors, retailing for $169.99

Also, on September 18th we’ll see the debut of the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY 4G on AT&T for $49.99 with two year agreement, and a slew of limited edition games.

V-MODA announced a limited run (400 units) TRUE BLOOD Edition of their branded headphones. The True Blood MAKER features a limited edition Zinc Metal exterior with slightly different styling than the standard model.

Samsung is delivering the Vitality to Cricket Wireless, bringing in their full fledged Android OS experience to that carrier.

Ballistic’s line of iPhone 4 cases gets personalized now. You can customize various elements of the case’s award winning protection to match your style.

New cases are here for your tablet including the Griffin Elan Passport, which keeps your organized and is more business-oriented–whereas the G-Form case lets you use the tablet and protect it like never before. Seriously, you have to see the video of this iPad get smashed into the pavement.

Rumor Alert: A New iPhone is Coming
What? That’s not news to you? How about the rumor that Sprint is next in line to carry the latest and greatest from Cupertino. Why? Well, the Wall Street Journal says that they will definitely be carrying the iPhone5, and Sprint has sent out a memo to employees blocking out the beginning of October from vacations for the arrival of a “significant phone launch.” Also rumored is that they will be offering (and sticking with) an unlimited data plan to stand out from the rest. Only time will tell.