Android App of the Week: Cut The Rope


So how many of the games you play are BAFTA winners?

This is a game I first encountered on iOS.

It’s FINALLY here on Android, and it’s as adorable as ever.

For you puzzle junkies, let’s take a look at this long awaited mobile classic!The premise of CTR is simple. You have received a little adorable green monster named Om Nom, who needs to be fed candy. For some reason you like to keep your candy tied up with ropes, so to deliver this candy to Om Nom, you must creatively cut those ropes so the candy swings or falls into your monster’s mouth.

The game is structured a lot like Angry Birds. There are different chapters, and a set of levels within those chapters. Each level gets more difficult than the last as new elements are introduced.

The game’s design is kind of fantastic for how simple the game play is. This is a fully fleshed out game. Om Nom’s animation is adorably fluid, the physics of candy swinging is delightful, and the music and sound effects are whimsical and well integrated.

Myself, I don’t find this type of puzzle game to be “play it all night” engaging, but I did find that while out and about I was drawn to this game more than any other I usually play on the go.

“Oh… The line at the grocery store is reeeeaaallly long… Let’s cut some ropes!”

Cut The Rope is in the Android App Market…and check out the developer vid below!