Inside iOS 5: Mail & Calendar


All week long we’re bringing you some of the new features available in Apple’s latest iOS update, iOS 5.

Your Mail and Calendar apps just got a whole lot smarter and more interactive on iOS 5. In Mail you can now format text using bold, italic or underline fonts, as well as create indents in the text of your message, or drag names into your To/BCC/CC fields. You can also now flag messages and manage your mailbox folders by adding or deleting folders on the fly. If you’re looking for a specific email, you can now search in the entire body of a message (much like OSX’s mail app), making it a much more powerful search tool.

Calendars get a lot easier to work with and a lot more useful. Turning your iPhone or iPod Touch into landscape mode gives you a year, month or weekly view; simply tap to create an event and freely move it to adjust the time and duration–you can even view event attachments without ever leaving the Calendar app. If you use iCloud, you can also share calendars with friends and family; and much like all of the other iOS features, all of your devices will stay in sync at all times.