Review: The Lenspen Sidekick Tablet Screen Cleaner


Touch screens.

Everywhere touch screens.

Currently in front of me are two phones, a tablet, and a touch screen laptop. I’m surrounded by glowing rectangles that want to interact with my hands.

In a perfect world, my fingers would be inert sticks; but unfortunately, I’m a gross mammal–and all of the screens in front of me are covered in smudges and streaks.

Enter the Sidekick.

Lenspen makes carbon based cleaning pads for camera gear, and using this same manufacturing technique they’ve made the Sidekick–a larger cleaning pad for larger screens.

The Sidekick has a novel flip out design.

Once the cover is removed, a simple spring swings the cleaning pad into place. It’s cute, though it does make the whole assembly just a little thicker than it probably needs to be.

This extra girth will probably mean that most people will leave it at home unless they obsessively carry their tablets in a netbook case like I do…

Using it is simple enough: remove the cap, wipe your screen with it, replace cap, use tablet.

I got some curious looks using one at a coffee shop. No one curious enough to ask me about it, but a few of those “dog hears something odd” head tilts were thrown in my general direction.

It’s certainly a more dignified way of cleaning your screen than rubbing it on your shirt, so just for that, I can easily recommend the Sidekick.

Beeteedubs, you REALLY don’t want to know what I had to do to get my Touchpad that smudgy… What I do for you guys…

The Sidekick retails for $19.95.