My Daily Kit: The Scosche clipSYNC


As we’ve told you before, some of the best devices we test also happen to be the most simple and useful–and the Scosche clipSYNC falls squarely into this category. With mobile devices playing such a large part in our daily lives, having a charge/sync cable with you at all times is pretty much a must–and leave it to the folks at Scosche to create an easy, elegant solution. An evolution of their flipSYNC, the clipSYNC takes a compact charge and sync cable and not only makes it pocket-size, but adds the convenience of a carabiner clip for attaching it to nearly anything (in my case, a belt loop). There are 2 versions of the clipSYNC; one for iDevices (that features a USB plug on one side and a 30 pin connector on the other), and another for Android devices, that offer both micro and mini USB connectors. The great thing about the USB version is that works for more than just phones or tablets–it can act as a sync cable for virtually any device that uses micro or mini USB.

In my daily use the clipSYNC has proven to be a reliable and durable travel companion; it’s not only saved me from battery drain on numerous occasions, but also seems to come in handy for everyone else I happen to be with (get used to people trying to snag this thing!). The clipSYNC retails for $19.99 (for either version), and should definitely be on everyone’s holiday list as the perfect stocking stuffer.