The Rogers LTE Rocket stick – Mobile Connectivity on Steroids (Part 1)


I recently had a chance to play with Rogers latest LTE device here in Canada – the Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U. This is not your average Rocket Stick. For one thing, design-wise it’s a bit larger than you may be accustomed to, sporting a larger, square form-factor protruding from your computer. While it may lose a few beauty points, it more than makes up for its less-than-ideal size when it comes to speed….

The Rogers LTE network is new in Canada. They originally launched in Ottawa and have since expanded to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. So, expectations were not too high when the first place I tested it was within a concrete building a couple of kilometers from the downtown core. Like any Sierra Wireless product, the¬†communication manager is on board making it a breeze to Install (I’m using a¬†MacBook Pro, so Mac software was also just sitting there and waiting for me). After a quick install, reboot, and press of the “Connect” button, we were on 4G LTE and headed on over to the first place I could think of –

I kid you not when I tell you the first set of results came back at a download speed of 47.13 Mbps and upload speed of 6.85–and after numerous attempts on different servers and different loads, it never tested any slower…which truly blew my mind.

Of course, in order to really put this thing to its test it was time to get slightly more mobile. Tests consistently came back in the “ridiculous” range, with speeds never dipping below 30Mbps down and 5Mbps up at various locations in the city. So, that got me thinking…do I want to stick with the Rocket Stick or perhaps get the Mobile Hotspot? A quick call to Rogers and my Mobile Hotspot is on its way, with more testing and experiences coming soon in Part 2 of my Compact Review.

The Rogers LTE Rocket Stick is one of a few LTE devices currently available from Rogers. With a 3-year term you will pay only $79.99 for the device, and their current promotional plan offers you 10GB per month for $50 (flex plans are also available that work within your usage). Other devices include the HTC Jetstream Tablet, Sierrea Wireless’ LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot (allowing you to connect 5 devices via WiFi), HTC’s Raider LTE smartphone and Samsung’s Galaxy S II LTE smartphone. All reasonably priced and a great start to what will surely be a rich LTE lineup.