SiriusXM Launches the Lynx 2.0 Radio with 22 New Channels


SiriusXM Radio has kicked off the new year with the $249 SiriusXM Lynx – a 2.0 radio with a slew of new features. Available via its website and the Crutchfield online store, the new radio joins the Edge tuner as the first two radios capable of receiving SiriusXM’s 2.0 channel lineup. The 2.0 service offering brings 22 new channels to the mix with 8 more to come down the road. Along with new programming comes new features. This Android-based Lync radio offers time shifting, WiFi, multi-touchscreen with album art, artist bios and more. It supports Bluetooth stereo streaming, as well as other great 2.0 features like Tune Start, Radio Replay (allowing you to store up to 200 hours or programming), pause, rewind and replay. Since the radio is designed to be somewhat portable, the internal rechargeable battery lets you run at mobile hotspots or in your car connected with your SiriusXM PowerConnect transmitter.