Nikon D4 Ready for iOS Control Out of the Box


Following the announcement of the Nikon D4 flagship DSLR camera comes the news that it’s also the first camera optimized for iPhone control. Its built-in Ethernet port allows it to be hooked up to a network for remote controlling via an iPhone or iPad; the HTTP mode can also be accessed via an optional WT-5 wireless controller which connects to the side of the  camera, adding a/b/g/n WiFi support. Here’s what Nikon has to say:

The interface has been optimized for iPad or iPhone use, but will work with other Internet-enabled devices. As the interface comes from a hosted service on the camera there is no need for an app – just a browser window. 

Once connected you’ll get control over the shutter, the ability of select shooting modes from P, S, A, M, live view, ISO control, focus modes, metering, white balance, file format, focus position and movie start/stop. You’ll also get a remote viewer, so you can browse images, watch slideshows or download images.