CES: Hands on With The Nokia Lumia 900


This is one of the phones I was most excited to check out at CES.
I had the pleasure of sitting in on a blogger breakfast setup by Nokia, when lo and behold, one of them whipped out a Lumia 900 for us to play with.

Apologies up front for the poor photos, as it was VERY dark in the restaurant…

The 900 is a monster of a phone. The 4.3″ screen jumps out at you immediately. It’s an AMOLED, officially branded as “ClearBlack” by Nokia.

The frame of the phone is a one piece molded polycarbonate shell which feels fantastic in the hand. It’s not as grippy as a rubberized plastic, but has a slighty brushed feel to it. It wont slide out of your hand like a glossy plastic shell might, especially if you have gross sweaty hands like I do.

It’s a bummer giving up a removable battery, but the design and attention to detail is simply superb. This is every bit the premier phone us fans of Windows phone have been waiting for, and is easily the crown jewel of the WP7 line up.

For the first time in a LONG time, Nokia is giving the USA the first crack at a new handset, and the 900 shows they’ve done their homework. Big screen + LTE on board (courtesy of AT&T) for our fat fingers and general impatience in waiting for things to download.

This phone is big, like almost Galaxy Nexus big, but the contours help it fit in the hand really well.

Performance is as fast as Windows Phone 7 has ever felt, which is to say it feels extremely fast. This is a tremendous step in the right direction for Nokia, who of late has been all but forgotten in the U.S. smartphone market–and it’s a startling phone for Microsoft where previous Wp7 devices have often felt like recycled Android hardware.

If you’re on AT&T and looking for a fresh premier device (with LTE no less), I would highly recommend playing with one.

Many thanks to the Nokia Connects team for letting me tag along!