CES: Juan GEEKS Out at the Pentax Booth


I totally couldn’t help it. I made a complete fool out of myself, and I absolutely LOVED it.
See, I went to the Pentax booth to check out the new Q system of cameras with interchangeable lenses.
Super small form factor, using a traditional P&S sensor, but allowing the user to swap lenses for different shooting scenarios. I was impressed with the build quality, big bright screen, nice solid weight, even a pop-up flash, and it’s already pretty well accessorized with a small handful of lens options and a hotshoe-mounted eyepiece for those of us who still like getting our noses up in a camera. Performance was quick, focusing was accurate, and even on such a small camera there’s something kinda great about switching lenses and having the ability to turn a focus ring to focus manually.

But then I looked around the rest of their display case.

And THEN I saw they had a 645D medium format camera.

And THEN I made the floor rep take it out for me to play with.


I ran around their booth like a mad man, snapping off about 30 shots knowing full well I had no way to get them off the camera. Every shutter actuation of the 4×5 mirror was the camera equivalent of a shotgun blast. It was fantastic.

This has long been one of my favorite still cameras, but the only other time

I’d gotten to play with one, it was locked down on a tripod. I spent a good 15 minutes running around with $10,000 worth of camera. Handheld.

About the time I handed the rep my 7D and asked him to take a picture of me holding the 645, I could tell the entire booth was getting a little anxious about my level of “enthusiasm”, and how “mobile” I was with their crown jewel. I had to give it back.

My precious…