CES: Fujitsu Getting Rugged with Phones and Tablets



I know very little about Fujitsu. I’ve never played with any of their devices. I don’t know anything about their history. They’re just not on my radar.

But when you’re walking the floor and see a fish tank full of tablets and smartphones, you stop for a second to take a look….

Apparently, Fujitsu is primed to deliver high-end devices to the USA market. The Arrows line of tablets and phones looks like it will be running current-gen tech, dual core processors and the like, but will function completely submerged in water. I love watching manufacturers build devices that can stand up to more abuse.

The tablet felt good in the hand, nice and light for a 10″ screen, and performance was reasonably snappy on Honeycomb–maybe even a touch more responsive than on my GalaxyTab 8.9.

Right now, details for future support are a little scarce. Tablets will ship with Honeycomb and phones with Gingerbread. No word on when they might be updated to ICS. Also, no details yet on what these devices will retail for, though the waterproofing will probably come at a premium over current tablets and phones.

I was impressed. Fujitsu has their work cut out for them, arriving a little late to an ultra-competitive market; but they are walking in with one killer feature.