CES: The SWIVI Fold Up Portable Camera Monitor and The Pico Dolly


The small company finds are the ones that light me up the most. Sharing a booth through a distributor were two products that literally made me stop in my tracks on the show floor.

The SWIVI is a field monitor for SLR cameras. Fairly compact, the camera docks into the SWIVI, and provides a 5″ screen for video and still photography. A little extra space always helps when you’re trying to make sure what you’re shooting is in focus…

SWIVI is powered by a Canon LP-E6 style battery, so those shooting with a Canon Rebel will get a little extra versatility from their battery investment.

SWIVI provides any camera with an HDMI port, a vari-angle tilt and swivel screen, and a pair of 2W speakers for playback–and for those cameras that don’t fit into the SWIVI, it can also be mounted via hotshoe.

Build quality was a little light. It didn’t feel as rugged as some field monitors I’ve played with, but at a street price of around $300 it’s about half the price of most of the low end monitor solutions I’ve seen. It looks like a great piece of kit, especially if you don’t have an Android tablet handy…

Right next to SWIVI was the Pico Dolly!

I’ve been on enough “friend films” where camera movement has been an issue. Creativity abounds in solving the issue of getting a smooth panning or tracking shot–without spending thousands on gear, that is. I’m embarrassed to say I have put a camera (attached to a monopod) on a skateboard to get a plate, and it was pretty nerve wracking.

Pico Dolly uses the same “ingenuity” by incorporating skate wheels (very smooth action) into a much more stable platform to connect devices to. Hooking up tripod heads, flexible arms, pretty much anything you want to a small, rolling plate.

Street price about $70, which is a comfy sum for a little easier action on a low budget shoot.