Rim CEOs Step Down as Thorsten Heins Takes the Helm


Mike Lazaridis (who has been a CEO of RIM since 1992) and co-CEO Jim Balsillie have officially stepped down, as former RIM COO Thorsten Heins is now the new head of the embattled company. Once the go-to choice for businesses looking for mobile email devices, RIM has since seen its market share drastically reduced by the success of both iOS and Android devices; and while RIM’s Playbook was universally acknowledged as a great piece of hardware, its lack of adoption and “not-ready-for-prime-time” software proved to be too little too late. Though things may not look too promising at the moment, perhaps this change of leadership will be enough to get RIM ¬†going in the right direction–and as a Blackberry fan and former user, I truly hope it is.