Ballistic Gets Protecting your iPad 2


Ballistic has just announced its new Tough Jacket case for the iPad 2. Much like their famed iPhone cases, the new iPad case is designed with three layers to provide ultimate shock absorption and protection. First, with a silicone layer for shock absorption, followed by an impact resistant hard plastic, and capped off with a shock-absorbing polymer to offer even more protection–all for just $69.99. Check the full release after the jump.


Ft Lauderdale, FL (January 25, 2012) – Ballistic, advanced engineers of unique and rugged carrying solutions, announces its Ballistic Tough Jacket case for the iPad 2.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket is engineered with high quality materials. Its three layers deliver a multi-faceted protective case option unlike anything on the market:

Layer 1 – Inner silicone layer to absorb shock
Layer 2 – Impact resistant hard plastic to protect the iPad 2
Layer 3 – Shock absorbent polymer to offer added protection for iPad 2

The removable cover of the Tough Jacket has two functions: It allows you to either protect your screen while on-the-go or utilize it as a kickstand at two different angles.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket also sports patent pending Ballistic corners™ which keep all sides of your iPad 2 safe, guaranteeing it’s protected against almost any type of drop. The “lay-on-table” feature is an added design benefit of the patented Ballistic corners, which means the iPad 2 screen will never come in contact with surfaces when laid flat, keeping your screen from harm.

“Over the past year we have delivered intelligently-engineered smartphone cases, with the highest degree of drop protection, which have all made quite a splash with consumers nationwide,” said Adam Stubin, Vice President of Business Development, Ballistic. “It was the next logical decision to provide our customers with this unique and truly rugged, lifestyle-inspired case for their iPad, the most popular tablet on the market. With the Ballistic Tough Jacket, users can feel confident that their precious investment will be protected against everyday drops.”

The Ballistic Tough Jacket case for iPad 2 is available in either Black or Red at and other retailers and e-tailers for $69.99.