My Daily Kit: Booq Folio for iPad 2


For those unfamiliar with this feature, our My Daily Kit segment is pretty much what it sounds like: an opportunity for me to share the actual gear that I keep with me on a daily basis. After our testing period, there are just some pieces of gear that I can’t bear to let go of, and become an indispensable part of my daily tech arsenal–and Booq’s Folio for iPad 2 is one such piece of tech. Carrying my iPad with me wherever I go, keeping it well protected (yet still portable) is a major priority–and the Folio does both…and does it with style.

There are plenty of iPad cases out there (trust me, I’ve tried most of them), and finding one that works for you is not only extremely subjective, it’s also a balancing act; do I go for style, or protection? Slim profile, or multiple viewing angles? Bottom line: What’s important to me may be less important to you–so make sure before investing in a case that you have an idea of how and where you’re going to be using your iPad, as this can affect the type of case you buy. For me, protection is priority number one. Yes, having a light, slim case to show off your iPad 2’s sexy curves is nice; but I’d much rather have a slightly thicker case, and the peace of mind that goes along with the extra protection it provides–and the Booq Folio definitely falls in the “thicker” category. The double-stitched leatherette material Booq uses is substantial, but not so much so that it feels heavy or awkward–it just feels safe. The build quality is excellent; this is the closest to “real” leather I’ve ever felt in a leatherette material, and the suede interior only helps reinforce its excellent first impression. But it’s in the attention to detail where this case truly excels..

First, the subtle red stitching across the front of the case; this may not seem like much–but the accent definitely spruces up the look, especially in a market flooded with cookie-cutter designs. But the touches go much further than visual detail. Booq was very smart to include a magnetic clasp in the case design; much like Apple’s Smart Cover, the Folio’s magnet automatically puts your iPad 2 to sleep, and wakes it up when opened. Again, this may not seem like much, but it’s nice to not have to reach over and hit the sleep button every time we take out, or put away our iPads.

Another nice touch is how Booq designed the case for viewing media on your iPad 2. Though I’m a big fan of multiple viewing angles, in real-world use, getting your iPad to actually stay in any one of the “multiple” positions can prove to be a problem. Booq decided to avoid such problems with its simple “A” frame design; simply flipping your case over lets you stand your iPad up like a ladder, making viewing and working a breeze. The rubber strips on both edges of the cover also help the Folio stand on slicker surfaces, and the design works especially well on uneven surfaces (such as a comforter), making the Folio an excellent choice for those who like using the iPad while relaxing in bed.

There are plenty of quality iPad 2 cases out there; but if you’re looking for a great combination of style, protection and price, at only $39.95, it’s hard to go wrong with the Booq Folio for iPad 2.