Android App of the Week: Graph 89


You ever look at your graphing calculator and think “it’s just too small…”

But no, seriously–have you ever thought about the graphing calculator racket? That the price of tech from the 90’s has pretty much remained unchanged for the better part of twenty years. I mean, here we are walking around with super computers in our pockets, and graphing calculators still have chunky low-res monochrome screens. It’s the gadget equivalent of a slide rule…

Since tablets and smartphones are basically general purpose computing devices, why shouldn’t we have a graphing calculator on board too?

Graph 89  is an emulator for Texas Instrument ROM images. You need to have the software off a TI-89 for it to work, but once you’ve copied that image over to your phone or tablet, you essentially have the real deal on your Android-powered device.

All of your favorite mathematical functions are available: graphing, derivatives, stats, solver–but formatting is a little off. The app is in public alpha and looks a little funny on phones, especially the unique resolution of the Nexus, so I’m going to recommend you use this on tablets for now.

This totally takes me back to my high school days. Now I can only hope someone releases a TI-92 emulator. That would be the perfect calculator for landscape tablets…

Oh I just realized, I’m using a TI-89 on a Galaxy Tab 8.9…  Synergy…

Graph 89 on the Android Market