Android App of the Week: Ummm… Take Your Pick…


So let me be honest.

I don’t have an app for you this week.

See, the Google App Market is now Google Play, and to celebrate they’re offering a bunch of apps for 50 cents.

So I bought a bunch of them…

There are already some favorites on the list like Tune In RadioShadowGun, and SoundHound. I can already recommend those.

I’ve been burning a lot of time with DeadSpace, a third person shooter like ShadowGun, but more of an atmospheric horror game. The game even recommends you play with headphones on–I’ll do it one better and say turn the lights out.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and Asphalt 6: Adrenaline are both pretty fun racers, though I prefer playing both from phones instead of from my tablet. The motion controls seem sloppier on the larger screen.

Business Calendar is one of my favorite calendar replacements with a great layout for week and month views, and the best homescreen widgets I’ve found yet.

Lastly, if you aren’t using SwiftKey X, then you aren’t using the best keyboard on Android. I’m not even going to try and justify that last statement. That’s how good it is. Truth. Believe it.

There are some other great apps, and it looks like we’ll be seeing daily sales as well. Google’s going all in, and it looks like we’re gonna get some fun stuff.

Android Market is dead. Long live Play.

See all of the current promotional apps on Google Play