Ematic Release the eSport Clip


As shocking as this may seem, not everyone wants an iPod. Whether it’s a lack of interest in the iTunes ecosystem or simply the desire to save a few bucks, people are always looking for alternative MP3 players–and Ematic’s eSport Clip is here to give you a choice. A 4GB MP3/video player designed for people who want a dedicated media player while on the move, the eSport Clip is pretty packed with features (a 5MP digital camera, voice recorder, inbuilt clip to attach to your clothes or bag) considering its $29 price tag. We’ll have a full report when we get our hands on one; but for now, you can check out all of the details after the jump.

Ematic Announces the eSport Clip, 4GB MP3/Video Player Perfect for Active Lifestyle

The eSport is compact, stylish and comes with a built-in clip for hands free use

Los Angeles, CA- March 19, 2012 — Ematic, a leader in portable media, is excited to announce the availability of the eSport Clip MP3/Video Player with 1.8” color display.  The user-friendly and compact player is ideal for multi-taskers and people with an active lifestyle as it keeps the user’s hands free with a built-in clip.   The user can just attach the device onto their clothes while working or exercising for a more enjoyable experience.

The Ematic eSport clip has a 4GB flash memory- a large amount of space which can store up to 2300 songs, 20 hours of video, or thousands of pictures.  Just think—you can store all of your favorite media into one tiny device!  The color display provides a crisp, clear image, and features video playback for easier navigation and viewing of artist and song titles.  Meantime, the high-speed USB 2.0 connection makes for quick file transfers.

The Ematic eSport Clip gets even better!  It has a built-in 5MP Digital Camera to take fun, creative pictures while adding special effects.  The device also comes with a video and voice recorder—perfect for students who want to record lectures or notes.  You can even read eBooks and other TXT files using the eSport Clip.  It’s truly a device that offers something for everyone.

 The Ematic eSport Clip is available now at Walmart.com for $29.00 MSRP.


About Ematic:


Ematic is a leader in portable media offering the highest quality consumer electronics at an affordable price.  The company offers a variety of technology ranging from high-end headphones to MP3 players and tablets.  Ematic prides itself on offering the latest in advanced technology that has undergone rigorous testing for quality, sturdiness  and reliability.  Each product can withstand even the toughest conditions after passing multiple stress tests before it hits the market.


Ematic Corporate Giving:

Ematic believes that businesses can- and should- have a positive impact on the communities they serve, and its role in society goes beyond the production of high quality consumer electronics.  That’s why Ematic supports initiatives for a greener Earth  by running power-conscious facilities as well as using environmentally-friendly inks made from recycled cartridges.  All of Ematic’s packaging is 100% recyclable.  Ematic also makes it their mission to give back to its communities through charitable giving.  10% of all profits goes to various charities.