Android App of the Week: Uber


Locomotion people!

Sure. There are plenty of ways to get from point A to point B. You could take a bus, or bum a ride from a friend, or get a cab.

But sometimes you want both convenience and style.

May I introduce you to Uber.

Uber is a private town car “on demand” service.

Through the app, you can see if any Uber drivers are in you area, and then you can arrange to have that driver pick you up. Response times for the two times I’ve used the service were faster than any time I’ve ever tried to call in a cab.

By setting up an account with the service (and supplying a credit card), all payment for the service is handled automatically, tip included. You get in the car, the driver drives you somewhere, you get out. Transaction completed.

This has lead to some issues with folks trying out the service, especially with conflicting expectations. Uber is not a cab replacement service. It is a town car service, and is priced accordingly.

Also, as the transaction takes place automatically, some have experienced a little sticker shock with what they were billed.

My limited experience with the service was fantastically positive. I wont be using it often, but when I’m willing to pay for a nicer experience than a cab ride, Uber will now top my list.

Uber on Google Play