LIL KIKR iPod and iPhone Charging Dock looking for Kickstarter support


Kickstarter certainly seems like the way to try and get your new gadget or idea funded; and the latest idea looking to ride the wave is LIL KIKR, a premium iPhone and iPod charging dock. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and steel, LIL KIKR can be used to charge your iPod Touch, iPod 6G, or iPhone (3G – 4S)–and can also amplify the sound up to 10 dB.

LIL KIKR is looking for funding from now until May 13, and a backing of $50 will net you your very own dock. For more information, check after the jump.

LIL KIKR, Premium iPod and iPhone Charging Dock, Amplifies Sound in Sleek and Compact Solution

Early adopters can support LIL KIKR or LIL KIKR+ through the crowd-funding website Kickstarter


Seattle, WA – April 10, 2012 – LIL KIKR, created by Mike and Ellie Kemery – industrial designer and experienced design strategist for brands including Nike, T-Mobile USA, Under Armour and more, is a premium iPhone and iPod charging dock made of high quality materials and designed to charge and amplify the sound up to 10db.  LIL KIKR features a simple, clean design matching the Apple aesthetic.  Made from premium aircraft grade aluminum and steel, LIL KIKR is a strong and stable dock for the iPod nano 3g, iPod 6g, iPod touch, iPhone 3/3G and iPhone 4/4S.


Featuring non-slip rubber caps on the back and bottom of the dock, the LIL KIKR is a strong and stable dock that prevents the iPhone or iPod from wobbling or sliding across a table.  Additionally, LIL KIKR+ features a foam pad support back for maximum stability. LIL KIKR features a portable design perfect for at home or on the go.  Users can easily throw LIL KIKR in a purse or laptop bag for a quick and convenient charging dock while traveling.


LIL KIKR is offering two different models – LIL KIKR and LIL KIKR+.  LIL KIKR is designed specifically for the iPhone 4/4S without a case.  LIL KIKR+ is a more versatile dock that fits the latest generation iPod or iPhone with or without a case.  LIL KIKR and LIL KIKR+ are available in 3 sleek anodized colors – red, black or silver.


For $50, contributors to LIL KIKR on Kickstarter will receive either a LIL KIKR or LIL KIKR+ in any of the three anodized colors.  Contributors making a smaller or larger donation will receive the following:

  • $10 or more – recognition as a LIL KIKR supporter and name will be shipped with every product as a part of the appreciated list of highly valued backers
  • $140 or more – Set of 3 LIL KIKR or LIL KIKR+ in each of the colors
  • $290 or more – Set of 6 LIL KIKR or LIL KIKR+ – two of each color
  • $1,400 or more – Reseller Pack – 15 LIL KIKR and 15 LIL KIKR+, 5 of each color, in retail packaging
  • $2,800 or more – Big Reseller Pack – 30 LIL KIKR and 30 LIL KIKR+, 10 of each color, in retail packaging

LIL KIKR and LIL KIKR+ is expected to be in customers hands by June 2012.


For more information on LIL KIKR, follow us on Kickstarter, and


About Mike and Ellie Kemery:

Mike Kemery is a highly driven designer with a proven track record of delivering iconic and innovative consumer experiences for numerous industries including fitness, medical, consumer electronics, and telecom. His repertoire of both consultancy and corporate experience include positions such as Senior Industrial Designer for Nike and Product Design Manager for T-Mobile USA.


Ellie Kemery is an experienced design strategist specializing in the power of design thinking to address complex social issues and business challenges around the world.  Ellie Kemery has proven success with building relationships, identifying key user, business and design trends and creating social media marketing strategies and community management.  Her impressive repertoire includes positions such as Travel/Events Coordinator for Nike, Brand Strategist for Hornall Anderson Design Works and Chief Insights and Trends Officer of Twirll.