Android App of The Week – Flixster


This app has been around for a little while, but recent refreshes and support for new services prompted me to give it a second look.

I’ve been using Flixster since it first started on Facebook as a way to rate movies you liked. As a social plugin to a social network, I didn’t think it was particularly useful. At its core, one might say that the exact same functionality could be found in services like Netflix or Amazon, and without the benefit of actually being able to rent or buy films.

So why revisit it now?

Well now Flixster has evolved to rival services like IMDB, and it is genuinely my favorite way to look up RottenTomatoes reviews. Loading up reviews and scores is faster through this app than pulling up RT’s site on my laptop.

Now this might be enough for some of you, and I would understand. However, Flixster is now the official app supporting UltraViolet movie streaming, and that’s pretty rad.

When you buy supported movies on Blu-Ray, you’re given a code which allows you to stream or download films to a computer or tablet.

For those of you like me, who still like to own a library of films, this is a pretty great added benefit. At home, I get the highest possible quality viewing experience on disc. While mobile, I still have access to a collection of recently purchased films. Win win.

One note: the streaming service will not work if your device is rooted, which is a bummer. It’s the price we pay for “security” I guess…

Flixster on Google Play