Everquest II Gets Skyshrine Update


Whether World of Warcraft players will admit it or not, Everquest was the MMO that started it all–and its follow-up, Everquest II, gave players more of what they loved about the original. For players that have the Destiny of Velious expansion, the world world of Everquest II is about to get even bigger thanks to the Skyshrine update. In addition to raising the level cap to 92, Skyshrine features a new outdoor zone, more quests, new raid content, and much more. Those who have the Age of Discovery expansion will also be treated to some new goodies, including new Dungeon Maker adventures, more recipes, and even some new creatures to tame. Skyshrine is available to download now, and there are more details waiting for you after the jump…



WHAT: Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) EverQuest® II(EQII) brings players Skyshrine! In the latest game update, players are introduced to the huge citadel of Skyshrine and the vast Withered Lands. Skyshrine arrives with a ton of new content and many other additions for fans of its most recent expansions —Destiny of Velious and Age of Discovery.


For players that have the Destiny of Velious expansion, Skyshrine is packed with content updates including a level cap raised to 92, an outdoor zone in Withered Lands that includes more than 100 quests, solo, small groups, and raid content, and epic storyline events with Heroic Group and Raid endgame instances. Players can now experience an all new Drake mount, new tradeskill quests and new items that have been woven into the story arc.


Players with the Age of Discovery expansion will be treated to new additions including a Poet’s Palace Dungeon Maker theme and items, new Dungeon Maker adventurers, Tradeskill apprentices with new recipes including an Elite recipe, new creatures to tame for Beastlords, and for the first time, three new quested mercenaries, including an Elite mercenary.


For more information on Skyshrine for EverQuest II, visit: http://everquest2.com/.


WHEN: Skyshrine is now available.

Skyshrine Lore:

The Destiny of Velious saga continues as adventurers breach the barriers of the Withered Lands seeking entrance to Skyshrine, the glorious ancient dragon city.


The great citadel of Skyshrine has long housed the Claws of Veeshan dragons behind its massive walls and arcane protections. Now, the unthinkable has happened — it has become besieged by powerful forces. Players must battle and befriend dragons and their wurmkin in the forbidden city of Dracur, and explore the past to unravel mysterious events that transformed the formidable draconic city into a battlefield full of daunting challenges, fearful foes and unimaginable treasures!


Far below Skyshrine a different battle rages on. The Withered Lands, once known as the Wakening Land, was a majestic Plane of Growth-touched valley. Today it is oddly overgrown and overrun by a sickly magic. This strange corruption has touched and twisted many of the creatures that thrived here, including the legendary caretakers of the forest. Players must find a way to preserve the heart of the forest against corruption and rally the heart of the once Wakening Lands.