PCWorld Ranks AT&T Fastest Average 4G Download


Now remember this is AVERAGE download…over thirteen cities; but PCWorld has ranked AT&T the fastest average download over LTE, and Verizon fastest average upload.

Also of note was T-Mobile winning the 3G race with average speeds besting Sprint’s WiMAX.

They do a decent enough job of explaining their testing methodology, but I’m still shocked to see Sprint’s average that low. WiMAX has been very good to me, and in LA I average three times PCWorld’s national average.

Anywho, congrats to AT&T, their network is super green, and it already looks like they’re gearing up for a data war with number one seed Verizon. Game on!

You can read up on the PCWorld test, and drop us a comment below. What carrier are you with, and what kinds of speeds do you see?