iD America Brings a Rainbow of Pastels to your iPhone 4/4S


Just because a phone has been around for a while doesn’t mean accessory companies stop coming up with creative ways to dress them up. Case in point: The Hue Soft Grip case for the iPhone 4/4S from iD America. Available in 8 different colors featuring some cool looking pastels, the Hue Soft Grip is a 2 piece case; the snap-in design not only makes for a more snug fit, but also allowed the designers to extend the edges, giving more protection to your iPhone 4 or 4S. In addition to a screen protector, the folks at iD also thought enough of its customers to include a microfiber cloth–making the $19.99 price tag seem like an even better deal. You can pick up a Hue Soft Grip of your own at; if you’d like to learn a bit more about the case, click past the jump…

New York – April 24, 2012 – id America, the company boasting unique designs and concepts for electronic accessories now brings the latest in iPhone 4/4S cases with the introduction of the Hue Soft Grip case in eight spring colors.

Front and back two-piece construction of the Hue Soft Grip case ensures perfect fit and protection of your iPhone 4/4s all while showing off truly unique collection of colors including grey, pink, green, blue, violet, purple, yellow and white.

Rubberized coating on the outer shells improves grip while providing pastel-like texture that is soft to touch. The usual accessories are included: front and back screen protectors, a squeegee for application and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

“We had great feedback following the introduction of our previous two-part cases and decided to expand this protective line further with Hue that features a more fashion-forward approach” says Abraham Jackal, Marketing Manager of id America.  “The quality of materials used in the creation of this case will undoubtedly please users looking for comfort and complete protection.”

The Hue Soft Grip case from id America retails for $19.95 USD and is available today at

Hue Soft Grip Case features:

  • Made with strengthened polycarbonate
  • Two-piece construction allows raised front lip ensuring complete protection for front and back of your iPhone 4/4S
  • Form fitting and lightweight design with rubberized finish for soft feel
  • Complimentary accessories include screen protective films (front and back), installation squeegee and a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • The Hue Soft Grip case is available in grey, pink, green, blue, violet, purple, yellow and white

ABOUT id America® 
Id America aims to create products that are urban, trend-setting, unique and functional for personal electronic devices. The company utilizes high-quality materials such as EVA, brushed aluminum and thermoplastic polyurethanes for durability. id America is proud to be born in New York and strive to engineer products that are not only beautiful visually but also practical. For more information, please visit id America’s website,  or on Facebook