Help Us Review The Nokia Lumia 900!


The Lumia 900 has been a highlight of this year’s cellphone coverage.

My own affair with this Windows Phone started at CES where I got some hands on time with a pre-release. I was featured in a Nokia video talking about the device after it was announced, and later I was on hand for AT&T’s LA party to release the phone.

I like Windows Phone. I like it a lot.

I finally have my hands on a long-term review unit, so rather than have me prattle on and tell you how great it is (it is pretty great), I’d prefer to hear from you.

WinPhone is super fresh still, not a lot of people are using it, so what questions do you have about the platform? The Phone itself?

How do you want me to put it to the test?

Drop us a comment below, and I’ll get to work!

4 Responses to "Help Us Review The Nokia Lumia 900!"
  1. 1st test is to compare it against an Android device in terms of speed, to see if dual core is needed for WP, we all know android is more open, but is it more intuitive, which Os is more integrated. Thanks Juan

  2. A series of challenges it is!
    What kinds of tests did you have in mind? How do you test “speed”?

  3. OOOff… Talk about cutting to the quick Paul. Screenshots on WP7 are still a pain, but I’ll get on it.