Android App of the Week: Dark Meadow: The Pact


It takes a lot to get me engrossed in a tablet game.

Sure, I’ll burn a lot of time on puzzle games; but there’s a big difference between a good time waster and an immersive experience.

There haven’t been a lot of games which I feel have done first person gaming justice. We have some REALLY solid third person shooters, but no games where you got to see out of your character’s eyes.

That is, until now…

Dark Meadow certainly lives up to its name. It’s dark. It’s dark fantasy. It’s dark horror. And, it has a surprising amount of dark comedy as well.

Your character wakes up in an abandoned hospital with no memory of his past, and it’s up to you to explore, to solve the mystery of your past, and to confront an evil witch who might hold the answers to your predicament.

The control scheme is brilliantly adapted for tablet play. Intuitive gestures control movement like dodging and crouching. Your character will automatically switch from ranged weaponry to melee depending on the distance to your foe. It’s pretty fantastic getting controls out of the way, and getting down to some game play.

Graphics are phenomenal. The Unreal Engine is really putting the hardware to use. Maybe that’s the only bummer about this game. You’ll need to have Tegra 3 hardware to play it. Kind of a limited market for Dark Meadow, but I’m sure the developers are looking to the future of the Android platform, and their game will be one of the first must-buy apps for new high-end tablet owners.

Dark Meadow: The Pact on Google Play