Palo Alto Audio Introduces a Pair of Stylish Speaker Sets for Your Laptop


My laptop is great on the go, but once I get home I like to expand my workspace a bit. I don’t have a proper dock, but my desk has a full sized keyboard and mouse. When I’m feeling really fancy, I’ll even connect an external monitor.

What I don’t have? Fancy speakers.

But Palo Alto Audio is ready to spice up our laptop listening experience with a pair of USB powered speaker sets. Musik ($59.95) looks to be inspired by the Macbook and has a simple white and silver finish. Cubik ($199.95) is edgy and looks like it was inspired by a futuristic jet engine.

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Palo Alto Audio: Cubik
Edgy hi-fi speakers with captivating design, premium Danish designed drivers and full digital amplification via USB digital streaming

  • Designed by Red-dot, International Forum of Design, Good Design and Idea award winner Inno Design
  • Lossless Full-digital USB streaming and full-digital amplification technology
  • Cubik uses a high-end Danish designed Peerless™ speaker unit that is rarely found in computer speakers
  • The 2.5 inch metal cone full range driver produces unbelievable bass and crisp high frequency sound comparable to multi-way speaker systems

Available at:, PC Mall, MacMall, JR, eCost, OnSale, Mac, Best
Price: $199.95

Palo Alto Audio: Musik
Sleek modern multimedia speakers with hi-fi sound 

  • Quick and effortless set-up via USB with no cord-clutter
  • Hi-fi sound with expanded bass and digitally enhanced volume
  • Powerful crystal-clear sound quality
  • Crystal-clear sound quality
  • Unique sleek design with silver and white finishes

Available at:, PC Mall, MacMall, JR, eCost, OnSale, Mac, Best