Hack-and-Slash Your Way Through Albion with Fable Heroes


Ever wish someone would take the Fable universe and combine it with the hack-and-slash charm of Gauntlet? If so, you’ll be happy to know that the folks at Lionhead Studio share your dream and have just released Fable Heroes–exclusively for Xbox LIVE Arcade. What started as a “what if” scenario among Fable developers has now become a full-blown co-op multiplayer, featuring characters that can level-up, abilities and game features to unlock, and of course, LOTS of gold. Fable Heroes is available now in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points, and you can check out all of the details after the jump…

The Action-Packed “Fable” Universe Returns Today with the Launch of “Fable Heroes,” Exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Playful co-op competition, a rewarding leveling up system and hack-and-slash adventure makes “Fable Heroes” the must-have game this spring 


Today Lionhead Studios released “Fable Heroes,” a fresh spin on the world of Albion that “Fable” fans have come to know and love. Delivering a unique art style and unrivaled multiplayer, “Fable Heroes” is a game that demands to be played again and again. The title is available now on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points.


The highly anticipated “Fable Heroes” takes playful competition to new heights with four player co-op, time trials and leaderboards on Xbox LIVE.* Featuring hack-and-slash gameplay, the title features heroes working together to defeat enemies while also competing against each other to collect gold coins. Collected coins will level up characters and unlock unique items in “Fable: The Journey” when it launches later this year.


Loaded with adventure, “Fable Heroes” includes:

  • Heroic Challenges: Band together with up to four friends to defeat enemies or compete against them to collect gold coins. Players who dominate the competition will unlock items and level up.
  • Albion with a Fun Twist: “Fable Heroes” originates from the imaginations of Lionhead employees who have been fans of the franchise since its inception and delivers a fresh take on Albion with unique art and aesthetics.  The world includes familiar regions, enemies and cheeky characters from the “Fable” series.
  • Skilled Progression: Players can battle to become an unstoppable force in Albion by crushing friends and foes to level up. As heroes advance, game features will unlock, such as finishing moves, flourishes and power ups.
  • Ever Changing Gameplay: Prevail in minigames to gain new powers and unlock increasingly difficult levels to beat previous scores and climb the Xbox LIVE leaderboards. In addition, set the difficulty level from the start to challenge both experts and novices alike.