Urbanears Platan Denim Edition: Real. Comfortable. Headphones.


Why worry about matching your headphones with your pants, when your headphones can be made of your pants? Urbanears has been making quality, stylish headphones for years–but its new Platan Denim Edition is taking style to the next level. Designed to age like a good pair of jeans, these Platan headphones feature a denim finish, ultra portable, and feature the same sound quality Urbanears products are known for; they even include the Zound Plug that allows a friend to share your audio signal. The Platan Denim Edition headphones have an MSRP of $80, and are available now at Apple retail stores as well as Apple.com–they will also be available at Urbanears.com on May 23rd. Click past the jump for the full PR…

Stockholm Sweden – May 2, 2012 – The Plattan Denim is the latest staple in the Urbanears collection. Designed to fit like your favorite pair of jeans, it’s the second model launched as part of the Urbanears Editions range – a special line of headphones designed with that little something extra.

The Plattan Denim features a raw denim finish that will gently age over time. Brass accents and indigo colored ear cushions and fabric cord complete the look. The Plattan Denim Edition pre-launches at Apple Stores and Apple.com in the U.S. on May 2nd. It will be available worldwide at Urbanears retailers, and online at Urbanears.com on May 23rd.

Recognized worldwide for its great features, design and value, Plattan is the perfect classic headphone. It utilizes innovative functions and performance with today’s technology. It can be folded down to the size of your fist for maximum mobility and also features the Zound Plug on one of the ear-caps, allowing for a friend to plug in and share your music.

*Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 80$, 80 €, £80, 800 kr, 800 dkk
*Retail price may vary depending on country. Please visit Urbanears.com for current price information.

About Urbanears:
Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Urbanears makes headphones that fit your everyday life.  Supplying the perfect listening device for anyone with a pocket full of music and a wish to make the most of it, Urbanears models are designed to optimize sound and captivate self-aware customers by matching preferences in size, style, design, function and relation to music.  Other companies may try to emulate the brand, but Urbanears is the original in colorful headphones.