Dragon Grip Puts Kung Fu Sound Effects in the Palm of your Hand


There’s no greater joy than acting out a scene from a bad 70’s Kung Fu film; and while imitating the poorly-dubbed dialogue is fun, it’s just not the same without the sound effects. Well, this is officially no longer a problem thanks to the Dragon Grip. Fitting in your hand like a video game controller, Dragon Grip features directional controls and buttons that allow users to make fighting sounds and effects. Available for funding on Kickstarter, the folks at Dragon Grip Interactive hope to have the project funded in the next 6 weeks–and a pledge of $25 can get you a Dragon Grip of your very own. Now if I could only figure out why half of the folks in ancient China spoke with an Australian accent…

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Now Anyone Can Be a Kung Fu Master With the New Dragon Grip

Now available for backing on Kickstarter, the Dragon Grip creates Kung Fu fighting sound effects from movies and video games in real life, anytime, anywhere.

Los Angeles, Calif. – May 10, 2012 – Dragon Grip Interactive, creators of real life gaming experiences, unveils the Dragon Grip. The Dragon Grip is a patented hand held toy that makes kung fu fighting sound effects. Dragon Grips are available today for pre-sale on Kickstarter.com. The project closes June 24, 2012.

The Dragon Grip is an action packed, handheld toy that emits fight sounds, verbal taunts and general sound effects to immerse the player in a video game like experience anytime, anywhere. Choreographing those sound effects with their own fighting moves and style, the player can create a surreal kung fu experience of their own.

Based on Dragon Grip’s “Legend City” comic books and influenced by classic 1970’s kung fu martial art films, the developers wanted to create a toy that looked as cool as it was fun to play. With a video game like controller featuring a familiar raised directional keypad, gamers can start creating kung fu action sounds at the push of a button. Available in First Edition (black w/red) and a special Kickstarter Reverse Color Way (red w/black) Special Edition, each model includes unique martial arts inspired dragon logos etched onto the device’s handle.

The Dragon Grip is currently a Kickstarter project developed by Paul Mark and John Fearon, creators of Dragon Grip Interactive. All who are interested are encouraged to back the Dragon Grip before June 24, 2012. For more information about Dragon Grip, color options, and to pre-order, visit Kickstarter.com

About Dragon Grip Interactive: 
Based in Los Angeles, California, Dragon Grip Interactive creates real life gaming experiences. Founded in 2012 by Paul Mark and John Fearon, Dragon Grip Interactive combines a passion for movies and music with toys and games. Aiming to expand into larger toy markets, the partners have decided to use Kickstarter in their initial product launch in order to garner support before taking that next step to manufacturing on a larger scale. More information can be found at