Bracketron Adds a Touch of Class to Desktop Charging


One of the toughest tasks for an iPhone accessory manufacturer is trying to match the design ethic that Apple imbues every product with–but it seems like the folks at Bracketron have risen to the task. The new MetalDock charging cradle for the iPhone 4/4S features a simple and beautiful aluminum design, and allows your phone to charge in either landscape or portrait mode–making it a great way to show off your iPhone while using a clock app. Bracketron’s Mushroom GreenZero is a simple, environmentally friendly wall charger that works at the push of a button, and  automatically turns off when your device is fully charged–thus eliminating energy-wasting “standby charging.” The MetalDock will be available in June for $34.99, while the Mushroom GreenZero is available at in 3 models (USB, microUSB, and Apple 30 pin connector) starting at $27.99. Click past the jump for more pics and details…

Minneapolis, MN – Bracketron, the leading manufacturer in mounting solutions and accessories for mobile consumer electronics, announces the MetalDock, an elegant dock and charger for iPhone 4/4S that combines heavy-duty metal construction with a contemporary design. Bracketron will showcase the MetalDock along with their innovative line of GreenZero mobile device accessories at CTIA Wireless 2012, Booth 1221, May 8-10 in New Orleans.A perfect accessory for your home and office, the minimalist MetalDock combines aesthetics and function in a lightweight and portable design. The dock can connect to any USB port to power up and sync your device when it is not in use. It can also be used in landscape or portrait modes, and has rubberized feet to hold the dock securely in place.  The fast-charging dock has an embedded 3’ cable, and is a simple and elegant way to position your phone for easy viewing when using alarm clock apps. The MetalDock will be available for purchase in June for $34.95 at

Bracketron’s much-anticipated GreenZero line, a collection of stylish and eco-friendly mobile device chargers and batteries that will be available for purchase in late May, will also be showcased at the CTIA WIRELESS tradeshow. CTIA, an international organization representing the wireless communications industry, named the Bracketron Mushroom GreenZero Charger an E-Tech Award finalist, recognizing the product as one of the industry’s most innovative smart energy solutions on the market. The GreenZero line features exclusive technology that totally eliminates wasteful stand-by consumption, also known as vampire power, which other chargers consume when they are left plugged into power outlets.GreenZero technology is the most eco-friendly and efficient way to charge mobile devices. The chargers detect when your device is fully charged or unplugged, and then automatically shut off to consume zero idle power and save energy, while also lengthening the life of your device battery by limiting top-off charging time.

The Mushroom GreenZero is the most ergonomic charger of the lineup. The Mushroom immediately starts charging when connected to a device with low battery levels by simply pressing the “mushroom” button with your hand or foot. When the device is fully charged or unplugged, the charger will automatically shut off to save energy and your battery. The charger’s green technology allows for zero standby energy consumption.The lightweight Mushroom GreenZero has a very compact design and an integrated cable reel that makes it ideal for travel and portable use. The glossy white and green wall charger is available in three models – one for USB-connected portable devices such as tablets, cameras, and cellphones; another with an embedded microUSB cable for Android and other smartphones; and a third model that includes an Apple 30 pin cable for iDevices. With pricing from $27.95 to $34.95, all models of the Mushroom GreenZero are available at

Media members who would like to schedule an appointment with Bracketron at CTIA WIRELESS 2012, Booth 1221, or request more information on Bracketron’s versatile line of universal mounting solutions and mobile device accessories may contact PR representative Tiffany Iwankiw at (305) 374-4404 x140 or [email protected].

About Bracketron
Founded in 2001, Bracketron is the industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for many of today’s most popular mobile and handheld technologies, including GPS, smartphone, iPad/tablet, MP3, satellite radio and PC.  Bracketron offers a broad selection of mounting configuration options designed to offer an optimal level of flexibility and functionality. The company has broadened its product line to include a variety of flexible mounting options designed to extend the use of the device and enhance the overall user experience.