iCache’s Geode Wins 2 CTIA E-Tech Awards


Coming up with an iPhone case that securely stores your information and doubles as a digital wallet is impressive enough–but iCache went above and beyond by also giving the iPhone case its own app, e-ink display, and yes–even a fingerprint scanner. Combining high-end digital security with high-tech hardware and software makes the Geode something special–and the folks judging the E-Tech awards at this year’s CTIA seemed to agree, awarding iCache’s creation twice (once for its software, the other for its hardware). Click past the jump for all of the details, and congrats to the folks at iCache; not just for winning the awards, but also for getting us that much closer to a world without “pocket bulge.”

Geode won 1st place for Mobile Application and Mobile CE at
CTIA E-Tech Awards

New Orleans, LA – May 10, 2012 – iCache Inc, the premier global technology leader in the mobile payments industry, is thrilled to announce Geode, the secure digital wallet for iPhone, won first place in two categories at the CTIA E-Tech Awards: Mobile Application in Mobile Commerce, Shopping and Rewards and Mobile CE Accessories. Winners were chosen based on innovation, functionality, technological importance/impact, implementation and overall “wow” factor.

“iCache is deeply honored to be recognized in this exemplary manner by such a well-respected organization as CTIA,” stated Jon Ramaci, CEO, iCache Inc.   “As CEO, I am thankful to have such a wonderful team and set of partners who are enabling us to make convenient and secure mobile payments a reality for all consumers in the next 30 days. Life is Good.”

The Geode system features an app and an iPhone case with a fingerprint scanner, e-ink display and patented rewriteable GeoCard.  The Geode consolidates the user’s credit, debit and loyalty cards into one simple, secure, universally accepted solution eliminating the need for bulky wallets.  The Geode app is secured by a biometric reader that can only be accessed by the user’s fingerprint, decreasing the chances for credit card fraud.  Additionally, Geode is accepted everywhere and allows transaction processes to remain the same – meaning no new infrastructure is required and retailers do not need to purchase new equipment.

“It’s great to bring the physical and virtual worlds together for mPayments through the Geode,” stated Erik Ross, CSO, iCache Inc.

iCache’s Geode will be available June 2012.

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About iCache Inc:
Based in Cambridge, Mass., iCache is the premier global technology leader in the mobile payments industry.  iCache’s flagship product, the Geode, is an iPhone case which brings the first digital wallet to market years ahead of any competitor without the need for merchants to change any infrastructure.

Geode provides enhanced security through the use of biometric technology which merely requires a consumer’s finger swipe. The patented, rewriteable, universal card replaces a myriad of credit, debit, and other card technologies into a single Geocard. Loyalty cards are equally condensed through the use of an e-ink screen which can display any type of barcode. All of this technology is made user friendly through an iPhone app.

iCache is dedicated to delivering high quality, beautiful solutions that boast sleek designs and state-of-the-art technologies. We are a socially conscientious organization and our products are made in the USA. For more information: www.icache.com