Need a Stylus For your Tablet? Talk to the HAND


Excited about a stylus? You bet your iPad I am! Any time a company puts this much thought into any accessory, at the very least it deserves your attention. Rather than just take a traditional  pointy piece of plastic and slap a rainbow of colors on top, the designers of the HAND Stylus loaded it with tech. Featuring the world’s smallest retractable tip, it features the same six-sided design as a pencil–the tip even rotates during use to avoid uneven wear. The HAND Stylus already reached its full funding goal on Kickstarter, but it’s not too late to put an order in. Click past the jump for the full PR, as well as a link to the Kickstarter product page…


Successfully funded and ongoing Kickstarter project, HAND Stylus boasts rotating, retractable tip, removable pocket clip and hexagonal pencil-like design

Alameda, CA – May 15, 2012 – 
HAND Stylus, which reached its initial funding goal in less than two days and will run for another month on Kickstarter, features the world’s smallest (4mm) retractable, rotating, replaceable tip.  The slim stylus boasts a hexagonal barrel design – like a classic, six-sided, yellow pencil – allowing users to efficiently and easily draw, sketch, take notes, retouch photos and more on most touch-screen tablets or phones. 

“I’ve purchased dozens of styluses in a quest to find one that performs less like a blunt finger and more like the fine-tipped pens and pencils I use in my design work,” said Steve King, designer of HAND Stylus.  “None of them have all the features creative professionals and everyday tablet doodlers need, so I created the HAND Stylus.”

Unlike any other stylus on the market, the HAND Stylus’ slim tip rotates each time it is retracted allowing the tip to wear more evenly over time.  Another unique feature of the HAND Stylus is its stainless-steel, removable pocket clip that adheres to the magnets in an iPad’s Smart Cover.

The HAND Stylus is made of aerospace-grade anodized aluminum and is available in six gloss or matte colors – black, red, green, blue, pink and orange – that can also be laser engraved to provide a personalized touch.  The HAND Stylus comes in a sleek, tin gift box and six-packs of replacement tips are packaged in a handy aluminum container.  All of the packaging comes from recycled or easily recyclable materials.

For $25, contributors to HAND Stylus on Kickstarter will receive one HAND Stylus in any color and finish and free U.S. shipping.  Larger contributions include:

  • $30 or more – One Plus – One HAND Stylus in any color and finish plus one six-pack of replacement tips.  Free U.S. shipping.
  • $35 or more – Laser Engraved – One HAND Stylus in any color and finish with laser-engraved slogan – “HAND – The Mind’s Cutting Edge” – and one six-pack of replacement tips.  Free U.S. Shipping.
  • $50 or more – Multiple Choice – Add the number of styluses at $25 each + six packs of replacement tips to get the total pledge amount.  Free U.S. shipping.
  • $180 or more – Six Pack – Six HAND Styluses, one of each of the five colors + black in choice of matte or gloss finish plus 6 six-packs of replacement trips.  Free U.S. Shipping.
  • $360 or more – Baker’s Dozen – One HAND Stylus in every gloss and matte color + 3 black styluses and 13 six-packs of replacement tips.  Free U.S. shipping.

The ongoing HAND Stylus Kickstarter project has already met its initial funding goal and will begin shipping styluses in July 2012 to the project’s backers and to any additional pledgers who support the project before it closes on June 16, 2012.

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About California Pacific Designs:
California Pacific Designs is a small design firm located in Alameda, California that specializes in producing green products for nonprofit institutions such as the San Diego Zoo, the Smithsonian and the Georgia Aquarium.  California Pacific Designs was co-founded by Steve King, who has degrees in Art and Environmental Studies from Yale.