App of the Week: Radiant Defense


So I’m kind of a whore for tower defense games. From cartoony games like Plants Vs Zombies, to hardcore scifi throw downs like Sentinel 3, I can’t get enough.

So when I found out that one of my favorite app developers made a tower defense set in the world of one of my favorite Android shooters it was peanut butter jelly time!

Let’s take a look at Radiant Defense.

If you never played Radiant, then you’re missing out on a charming Galaga-style shooter. In that world you play a lone pilot out to stop an alien invasion.

Radiant Defense takes that same concept and puts you in charge of human outposts to defend against the alien onslaught.

Gameplay is typical TD; you have a map, aliens move through the map, and you set up towers with weapons on them to kill the invaders. Radiant Defense introduces a fun combination of weapons and enemies to keep play interesting.

The graphics are extremely high-quality throwbacks to 8-bit classics. Just like Radiant, it’s charming.

There’s some grumblings about the fact that this game is a freemium app. I think this is a great way for developers to get their apps in play and to make money; you can download the app for free and enjoy it; but to get rid of ads and to upgrade weapons, you have to fork over a little cash.

Radiant Defense on Google Play