My Love Affair with the CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone 4/4S: The Complete Review


We are all creatures of habit – and I’m worse than most. I’ve been using the same iPhone case since the 3GS; obviously not identical for the 4/4S, but the same make and style hard shell case. Why? Because its durable, feels comfortable in my hand, and slides nicely into the vintage Blackberry Curve holster that I still use to this day. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve definitely tried other cases–silicone ones, clear ones, extremely protective and resistant cases–but none have fit my needs better than what I already had…until now.

The CM4 Q Card Case is not a thin silicone shell that pops off easily. It’s not a hard shell case that adds a lot of weight. It’s a soft-touch rubber case that is durable, firm, and protects my iPhone as well as, if not better than, any other case I have used to date. Plus, it features an integrated wallet that fits 3 cards in the back. Like most iPhone cases, you’re adding a little extra size to your phone, but for good reason. The CM4’s outer rim sits a little bit higher on the front to protect your screen from accidental drops, key rubs, and just plain sitting around and/or in your pocket everyday.[nggallery id=41]

Unlike most other cases, the only exposed areas of your phone, other than the screen and camera, are the headphone jack and mute switch. The volume buttons are protected, as is the sleep/wake button, by the same rubber protection that gives you easy and quick access as if you weren’t using a case at all.

Tucked away in the back is an elegantly designed fabric that is woven together into the case to hold several business cards, or perhaps a couple of credit cards or ID cards. If you really want to go out light, this is the ideal case–as you can bring that essential piece of ID, charge card, and even a couple of business cards with you for the night out. Given how much we cling to our cell phones these days, the likelihood of you losing your phone is actual less so than your wallet, so this is really a blessing in disguise.

I have to admit, when I first read the CM4’s description, I expected a flimsy silicone case that would come off all the time and probably be a bit sticky, making it difficult to slip in and out of your pocket. In reality this case is the polar opposite, being comfortable and soft in your hands while slipping in and out of pockets, purses and bags with ease. In addition, not once has my iPhone tried to escape from its confines, fitting snuggly and tightly without ever wanting to let go – much like my own feelings about the CM4 Q Card Case.

The case is available at,, and most surely will creep into other retailers for the comfortable $39.99 price tag. With the CM4 Q Card Case you get more than what you pay for; and whether you use the integrated wallet or not, it’s an excellent companion for the everyday iPhone abuser–I mean user.