Android App of the Week: Microsoft on{X}


In the past, if I had said that my phone was “on X” it would’ve meant something completely different…

It’s interesting watching Microsoft experiment with an automation app and not use Windows Phone to do it. Anywho, Windows Phone’s loss is Android’s gain, so let’s take a look at Microsoft’s plan to help us use our phones less…

In a good way…

First off. This is VERY much a BETA app.

on{X} (pronounced “on-ex”) is a series a JavaScript APIs which allows you to remotely control a set of capabilities on your phone. What does that mean? I have no idea–but the end result is that your phone can automatically perform certain actions at certain times.

You set “rules” and when the criteria for those rules are fulfilled, your phone does stuff. One of my favorites is auto-responses. You can set a word; when your phone receives that word in a text, your phone will auto-reply. The classic example is: “When my wife texts the word “Where?”, reply with my location.” Actions can be programmed to trigger by time and location as well.

Right now it’s just sort of a fun thing to play with. The list of available actions is a little lean, and a lot of people seem to be upset about the mandatory Facebook login (it is Microsoft after all, I’m not sure what people were expecting).  However, it’s interesting…and telling as to where Microsoft will start taking their future mobile products.

on{X} on Google Play